Season Five Spoilers

As the show entered its fifth season, the staff of Angel Investigations were finding their place in the corporate world of Wolfram and Hart. Which left us with many questions, such as... Was Connor's 'Wonderful Life' permanent? Would Cordelia awaken from her coma? Could Angel Investigations remain uncorrupted by the evil that is Wolfram and Hart. But the biggest question of all... How would Spike return?

Over the course of Season Five, these questions were answered. In a season that opened with so much that had yet to be answered, it's somewhat appropriate that the series ended with perhaps the biggest 'question mark' of them all.

Spoilers for Angel Season Five

Conviction (5.1)

Angel has to deal with W & H spying on him Industry Source
Hauser is the head of the W & H Special Ops teamIndustry Source
Harmony is hired by WesleyIndustry Source
A W & H client demands that they win his trialIndustry Source
If they don't, he'll destroy CaliforniaIndustry Source
The client, Fries, has a mystical device to do thisIndustry Source
The device has something to do with a young boyIndustry Source
Hauser wants to kill the boyIndustry Source
When Angel stops him, Hauser tries to kill AngelIndustry Source
Angel kills HauserIndustry Source
Gunn saves the client, thanks to W & HIndustry Source
Gunn allows W & H to implant legal knowledge into his mindIndustry Source
Spike appears at episode's endIndustry Source
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Just Rewards (5.2)

Spike-centric EpisodeArticle
The amulet has a connection to Spike's returnArticle
Spike returns as a ghostIndustry Source
Angel decides to terminate a client's contractIndustry Source
The client provides demons with human bodiesIndustry Source
The client, Hainsley, is a necromancerIndustry Source
He can control the dead, including AngelIndustry Source
Angel tries to fight back with financial threatsIndustry Source
Hainsley offers Spike a body, in return for taking out AngelIndustry Source
Spike agrees, but takes out Hainsley insteadIndustry Source
Spike is now tied to the amuletIndustry Source
Destroying the amulet may release SpikeIndustry Source
Spike thinks he's being pulled into hellIndustry Source
Spike asks Fred to help himIndustry Source
Buffy is now in EuropeIndustry Source
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Unleashed (5.3)

New Character: NinaIndustry Source
She has been bitten by a werefolfIndustry Source
At the start, she's unaware that she is oneIndustry Source
Angel tracks her down and explains what is happeningIndustry Source
Nina is kidnapped, due in part to a mole at W & HIndustry Source
There is an exclusive club that dines on exotic creaturesIndustry Source
Nina is this month's main courseIndustry Source
Nina is rescued and returns to her familyIndustry Source
We may see more of her in the futureIndustry Source
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Hell Bound (5.4)

Episode centers around SpikeIndustry Source
Spike runs into various spirits at W & HIndustry Source
The spirits tell Spike 'The Reaper' is comingIndustry Source
The other's can no longer see SpikeIndustry Source
Fred believes Spike is still aroundIndustry Source
They bring in a psychic to help find SpikeIndustry Source
A spirit, Pavayne, is after SpikeIndustry Source
Pavayne sends spirits to hellIndustry Source
Fred figures out a way to make Spike corporealIndustry Source
Pavayne attacks Fred, forcing Spike to make a choiceIndustry Source
Spike chooses to save Fred and stay a spiritIndustry Source
Pavayne becomes corporeal and Angel imprisons himIndustry Source
Fred and Spike seem to have a little sparkageIndustry Source
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Life Of The Party (5.5)

Episode revolves around W & H's Halloween partyIndustry Source
A demon arch-duke, Sebassis, turns down the inviteIndustry Source
Angel has to persuade him to attendIndustry Source
At the party, Lorne's suggestions are taken to heartIndustry Source
These suggestions cause quite a bit of chaosIndustry Source
The problem is with Lorne's subconsciousIndustry Source
Sebassis is upset when his lieutenant is killedIndustry Source
He decides to kill Angel, then LorneIndustry Source
Lorne's subconscious appears as a giant, green, hulkIndustry Source
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Cautionary Tale Of Numero Cinco (5.6)

Angel meets the mysterious Number 5Industry Source
Five is an ex-wrestler that works in the mailroomIndustry Source
Five and his brothers fought evil in the 50'sIndustry Source
They were a wrestling team called the LuchadorsIndustry Source
Their greatest battle was against the Aztec WarriorIndustry Source
Only Five survived the battleIndustry Source
The Aztec, Tezcatcatl, has returnedIndustry Source
Five has a talisman that Tezcatcatl wantsIndustry Source
Five wants Tezcatcatl to kill himIndustry Source
Angel has to stop Tezcatcatl and save FiveIndustry Source

Lineage (5.7)

Wesley's father visits
Roger Wyndham-Pryce is scouting for
He's there to evaluate Wesley for the
Roger is very intrigued by the W&H ArchivesIndustry Source
Roger is still very critical of WesleyIndustry Source
Fred is injured early on, after Wes and her go undercoverIndustry Source
Fred's fine, but Wes blames himselfIndustry Source
Wesley appears to have killed his fatherBubonic

Destiny (5.8)

There will be flashbacks to Angelus and Spike's pastIndustry Source
Spike appears to be corporeal againIndustry Source
Spike and Harmony take advantage of his 'solidity'Industry Source
A mysterious illness is affecting the W&H StaffIndustry Source
One staffer kills another and attacks LorneIndustry Source
Angel seals off the building while they deal with the threatIndustry Source
Spike is real because of another mysterious envelopeBubonic
Angel and Spike are told that they are causing the illnessBubonic
Having 2 souled-vamps has caused an imbalanceBubonic
One of them has to fulfill the Shanshu ProphecyBubonic
There is a catch to the prophecyBubonic
To Shanshu, the vampire must first endure a great trialBubonic
The trial begins when someone drinks from a mystical gobletBubonic
Angel and Spike battle for the gobletBubonic
The goblet was a ruse, which mystifies everyoneBubonic
Things return to normal, but there are many questionsBubonic
Angel openly wonders if he's lost his edge/driveBubonic

Harm's Way (5.09)

The episode revolves around HarmonyIndustry Source
Harmony is having problems fitting inIndustry Source
Another employee, Tamika, is after her jobIndustry Source
Tamika plants human blood in Harmony's supplyIndustry Source
Tamika also plants a body in Harmony's apartmentIndustry Source
Angel and Gunn are mediating for two demon tribesIndustry Source
Harmony suspects another employee of framing herIndustry Source
Turns out that Tamika is also a vampireIndustry Source
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Soul Purpose (5.10)

Possibly a dream/alternate reality episodeIndustry Source
Spike appears to relive portions of Angel's lifeIndustry Source
A fairy offers Spike an opportunity to become humanIndustry Source
A parasite induces nightmares for AngelPandora
Angel dreams that Spike becomes the true championPandora
Lindsey approaches Spike about being the championPandora
Angel dreams that Eve planted the parasitePandora
Spike rescues Angel at episode's endPandora
Eve denies any involvement, but Angel isn't convincedPandora
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Damage (5.11)

A young woman, Dana, escapes from an institutionIndustry Source
Dana has been dreaming about demonsIndustry Source
Angel is tipped off by a nurseIndustry Source
Spike, thinking she's been possessed, tracks herIndustry Source
Angel realizes she is dreaming about SlayersIndustry Source
Dana may be a Slayer herselfIndustry Source
Dana's family was killed when she was 10Industry Source
Dana was kidnapped and tortured by the killerIndustry Source
Dana goes on a killing spreeIndustry Source
Spike finds her where the killer kept herIndustry Source
She bests Spike in battle and drugs himIndustry Source
She cuts off Spike's handsIndustry Source
Angel and crew stop Dana and rescue SpikeIndustry Source
Andrew will appear in this episodeIndustry Source
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You're Welcome (5.12)

Cordelia returns in this episodeIndustry Source
She seems to be up and aroundIndustry Source
She is not pleased with Angel's new partnershipIndustry Source
Angel is still distrustful of EveIndustry Source
Angel thinks of quitting the firmPandora
Lindsey's tattoos allow him to sneak into the buildingPandora
Lindsey wants to activate a failsafe, that will kill AngelPandora
Angel and company manage to stop LindseyPandora
Lindsey is sucked into another dimensionPandora
In reality, Cordy never awoke from her coma and passed awayVarious Sources
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Why We Fight (5.13)

This episode flashbacks to World War IIIndustry Source
Present: Angel is visited by Lawson, who he knew back thenIndustry Source
Lawson attacks Fred and sneaks up to the penthouseIndustry Source
Back in 1943, Lawson and his squad captured a U-BoatIndustry Source
The Germans had imprisoned several vamps on the sub, including SpikeIndustry Source
The vamps escape and take over the subIndustry Source
Angel is forced to help recover the sub, by The InitiativeIndustry Source
Angel and Lawson convince the vamps to get the sub back to landIndustry Source
They uncover a German plot to use mind control on vampiresIndustry Source
The sub is attacked by destroyersIndustry Source
In the past, Angel is forced to vamp LawsonPandora
Lawson wants revenge on Angel for making him a vampirePandora
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Smile Time (5.14)

A Children's TV show is harming the viewersIndustry Source
The show's puppets drain the children's lifeforceIndustry Source
Angel and company fight the demonic puppets on the setIndustry Source
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Written and Directed By Ben EdlundIndustry Source
Nina, the werewolf, returnsIndustry Source
Angel is turned into a puppetIndustry Source
Fred and Wesley become closerPandora
Gunn makes a deal to keep his 'legalese' charged upPandora

A Hole In The World (5.15)

Fred suffers a 'setback'Convention
Written by Joss WhedonConvention
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A mysterious sarcophagus is delivered to Fred's labIndustry Source
Angel and Spike travel to EnglandIndustry Source
They are there to investigate 'The Well'Industry Source
'The Well' is a place where the Old Ones are keptIndustry Source
They are guarded by DrogynIndustry Source
One of the Old Ones, Illyria, has gone missingIndustry Source
Fred's parents are in this episodeIndustry Source
Fred becomes ill while examining the sarcophagusPandora
Fred will die if a cure can't be foundPandora
Knox was behind the plot to bring Illyria herePandora
A champion can save Fred, but it will hurt millionsPandora
Angel decides the sacrifice is too great, and Fred diesPandora
Illyria takes control of Fred's newly-deceased bodyPandora

Shells (5.16)

There is a major fight in the offices of Wolfram and HartIndustry Source
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Illyria is trying to get to her home dimensionIndustry Source
A vengeful Wes kills Knox and injures GunnIndustry Source
Illyria opens the portal, but finds her army is destroyedIndustry Source
Angel and Spike return to the StatesPandora
Illyria escapes, but later asks Wes for helpPandora
Angel tries to contact WillowPandora

Underneath (5.17)

Angel Investigations realize they made a mistake joining Wolfram and HartIndustry Source
Lindsey is living a fantasy life with a wife and childIndustry Source
In reality, Lindsey is being held in a torture dimensionIndustry Source
Angel and the others go there to get LindseyIndustry Source
Angel looks for help from EvePandora
Eve is being pursued by a man named HamiltonPandora
New Character: Hamilton (Adam Baldwin)Pandora
Angel rescues Lindsey from his prison, but Gunn stays behindPandora
Eve signs her powers over HamiltonIndustry Source
Hamilton is Angel's new liaison to the Sr. PartnersIndustry Source
Lindsey reveals the Senior Partners true plansPandora
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Origin (5.18)

Angel meets the sorcerer who created Connor's false memoriesIndustry Source
The sorcerer, Mr. Vail, is blackmailing AngelIndustry Source
Vail wants the time-demon, Sahjahn, dead for goodIndustry Source
If Angel doesn't help, Connor's real memories will returnIndustry Source
The problem: Connor is the only one who can kill SahjahnIndustry Source
Connor's fantasy-parents go to Wolfram and Hart for helpIndustry Source
Connor and Angel battle a demon, Connor's fantasy-father in hurtIndustry Source
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Untitled (5.19)

A young, pregnant woman, goes to Angel for helpIndustry Source
The woman, Amanda, is going to give her child to a demon tribeIndustry Source
The tribe, The Fell Brethren, will take very good care of the childIndustry Source
In return, they will cure Amanda's husband, who has brain damageIndustry Source
There is a catch, the child will be sacrificed when he's thirteenIndustry Source
Instead of helping seal the deal, Gunn reveals the catchIndustry Source
Fred's body can't contain Illyria's powerIndustry Source
As she gets more unstable, she starts traveling to alternate realitiesIndustry Source
In these realities, she kills other members of Angel InvestigationsIndustry Source
Angel follows her, while Wesley tries to find a cureIndustry Source
Wesley is able to save Illyria, who becomes more Fred-like in the processIndustry Source

The Girl In Question (5.20)

Angel and Spike got to Rome on businessIndustry Source
They are there to pick up a demon capo's headIndustry Source
While there, they discover Buffy is seeing a new manIndustry Source
He's known as 'The Immortal', and has a bit of monster to himIndustry Source
Angel and Spike know 'The Immortal', we get a flashback to the late 1800'sIndustry Source
They track Buffy and 'The Immortal' to a nightclubIndustry Source
At the club, they lose both them and the headIndustry Source
Using the resources of the Italian branch of W&H, they try to find themIndustry Source
In the end, they may return to Los Angeles with neitherIndustry Source
Andrew is in this episode, Buffy will likely not be seenIndustry Source
Illyria arranges to see Fred's parentsIndustry Source
Illyria passes herself off as Fred, her parents are fooledIndustry Source
Wesley is still helping Illyria, though he is concerned about what she is doingIndustry Source
Darla and Dru both appear in a flashbackIndustry Source
Turns out Buffy isn't the first girl to fall for the charms of The ImmortalIndustry Source
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Power Play (5.21)

Angel must deal with the worst type of evil, a politicianIndustry Source
Senator Brucker wants Wolfram and Hart to fix the next electionIndustry Source
She wants her opponent to admit he's a pedophileIndustry Source
Gunn is shocked when Angel agrees to helpIndustry Source
Angel goes to a 'evil' party, where we see many faces from the pastIndustry Source
Sebassis, Izzy, Cyvus Vail, and others welcome Angelus back to the dark sideIndustry Source
Early on, we see Angel seem to rescue someone, then kill themPandora
Wesley is warned that they aren't looking in the right place for answersPandora
Illryia feels Angel is about to betray them, Drogyn appears and confirms thisPandora
Drogyn reveals that he things Angel was behind Fred's deathPandora
The others confront Lindsay, who reveals who really is pulling the stringsPandora
The world is controlled by The Circle Of The Black Thorn, Angel is trying to become a memberPandora
Hamilton attacks the others and takes Drogyn awayPandora
To show his loyalty to The Circle, Angel kills DrogynPandora
Angel becomes part of The Circle, and the others decide to take him outPandora
During the battle, Angel reveals it's all a ruse to break into The CirclePandora
The others agree to fight with him and continue fooling the Senior Partners, but Hamilton is suspiciousPandora
Angel reveals that this information was passed to him by Cordelia's kissPandora
Angel didn't kill Fred, but he used that tragedy to his advantagePandora
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Not Fade Away (5.22)

Everyone seems to be preparing for a final battleIndustry Source
Spike goes out bar brawlingIndustry Source
Angel goes to see ConnorIndustry Source
Gunn goes to see Anne at the children's shelterIndustry Source
Team Angel splits up to take on various foes, before going for the Senior PartnersIndustry Source
In his battle, Wesley does not surviveIndustry Source
Illyria turns briefly back into Fred to mourn his passingIndustry Source
Lorne shoots and kills Lindsay, Eve is heartbrokenIndustry Source
Angel and Connor team up to defeat HamiltonIndustry Source
Gunn is nearly killed, but makes it back to the othersIndustry Source
Harmony betrayed them all, she's been seeing HamiltonIndustry Source
Lorne leaves before the final battleIndustry Source
The series ends, with Angel, Spike, and Illyria facing off against a giant dragonIndustry Source
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