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Georgia (George) was a young woman, who seemed to have no sense of direction in her life. Which itself came to an abrupt end, thanks to a wayward toilet seat from the MIR space station. Unfortunately, the afterlife is not what George expected, as she discovers that she is now a 'Reaper'. Reapers are undead, destined to walk the earth until they help enough souls move on to their own afterlife.

Yet even for a Reaper, there is no peace in death. Along with her 'Reaper-Duties', George still has to deal with not only everyday life, but the past she's left behind as well.

Dead Like Me - Friday Nights on Showtime.

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Past Spoilers for Dead Like Me Season Two

Send In The Clown (2.1)

George has returned to work at Happy TimeIndustry Source
She has to train the boss's nephew, BrennanIndustry Source
George and Brennan hit it off, and he asks her outIndustry Source
Rube and Mason reap someone at a child's birthday partyIndustry Source
Mason seems to be having some personal problemsIndustry Source
George decides not to go out with BrennanIndustry Source

The Ledger (2.2)

George's bike is stolenIndustry Source
Theft is a theme, Happy Time is cracking down on office theftIndustry Source
George reaps an unsuccessful salesman, and takes his carIndustry Source
George's parents are getting divorced, and the house is for saleIndustry Source
George goes back to her home before it's soldIndustry Source

Ghost Story (2.3)

George goes on a Happy-Time retreatIndustry Source
Rube shows up as well, and takes part in the activitiesIndustry Source
Mason looses the post-it with his appointment informationIndustry Source
Mason and Daisy break into Rube's apartment to find the infoIndustry Source
Joy has put the house on the marketIndustry Source
Reggie tries to scare off the buyers, by telling ghost storiesIndustry Source

Shallow End (2.4)

George finds out she has a fan club at 'Happy Time'Industry Source
The IT Department is fascinated by herIndustry Source
One of them, Ethan, kind of becomes her assistantIndustry Source
George figures out that being mean has it's advantagesIndustry Source
Daisy appears to be finding religionIndustry Source
Mason's soul won't 'move on', Rube helpsIndustry Source
We discover that George had a run-in with Gravlings as a childIndustry Source

Hurry (2.5)

A management consultant arrives at 'Happy Time'Industry Source
George has to keep things running smoothly at workIndustry Source
Mason has to chase his reapee around the city on a bikeIndustry Source
Roxy gets stuck at the airport waiting for her assignmentIndustry Source
Daisy finds herself at a speed-dating session, trying to find her assignmentIndustry Source
Rube goes to the Post Office, and finds some unfinished business from his pastIndustry Source
George's parents are officially divorced in this episodeIndustry Source

In-Escrow (2.6)

George has received a promotion at 'Happy Time'Industry Source
She has to hire someone for a prime position at a drug companyIndustry Source
She ends up selecting the person who needs the work the mostIndustry Source
Daisy is starting to go a bit nutty about finding GodIndustry Source
Roxy has to ask Daisy to return a crucifix she took from a soulIndustry Source
Mason has to reap an aging rock star, who he used to worshipIndustry Source
Joy and Reggie are looking for a new place to liveIndustry Source
Reggie wants to live in a loft, Joy isn't sure about thatIndustry Source
The landlord is able to talk Joy into itIndustry Source
George's decision backfires, her new hire is reaped the first day at workIndustry Source

Rites Of Passage (2.7)

Joy's mother, Phyllis, comes to townIndustry Source
Phyllis takes Reggie under her wingIndustry Source
They visit where George died togetherIndustry Source
George and the others have to go to a rock concert telecastIndustry Source
George has to reap the lead singer, who's become an idol of millionsIndustry Source
Mason ends up hanging with a goth group at the concertIndustry Source
Mason thinks he has to reap the Goth singer, but he's wrongIndustry Source
Mason reveals that he is a reaper, but then laughs it offIndustry Source
Mason's real reap, is the ex-girlfriend of George's reapIndustry Source
The ex, Jeannie, shots Kyle and is about to kill his new girlfriendIndustry Source
Roxy shoots Jeannie before she can kill the new girlfriendIndustry Source
Daisy has to reap the priest she met in the prior episode, and reveals who she isIndustry Source

The Escape Artist (2.8)

George has to reap someone at a posh Country ClubIndustry Source
Unable to finesse her way in, she gets some help from a member, TripIndustry Source
Trip is young, handsome, and works for the local paperIndustry Source
George falls for him, and impulsively kisses himIndustry Source
George also discovers that Trip is his nickname, and thinks he's her reapIndustry Source
It turns out that the actual reapee is Trip's fatherIndustry Source
Roxy and Mason have an assignment on a planeIndustry Source
Both are hoping it will be after the plane is in the air, on it's way to CancunIndustry Source
Rube and Daisy go to Reggie's school for an assignmentIndustry Source
It's Show-And-Tell day, and someone has brought a Komodo dragonIndustry Source
The dragon escapes, and is reaped by the pet-reaper from last seasonIndustry Source
The dragon kills the janitor before it diesIndustry Source
Reggie realizes there is something weird about the Pet-ReaperIndustry Source
She follows him, and he may reveal that he knows GeorgeIndustry Source

Be Still My Heart (2.9)

George goes to the funeral of Trip's fatherIndustry Source
There is definite romance between the two, George is very flusteredIndustry Source
George lets slip her real name, which could be a problemIndustry Source
Trip writes the obituaries for the local paperIndustry Source
George later has to attend a same-sex marriage and reap one of the attendeesIndustry Source
Daisy has to reap a young woman, who is murdered in a hotel roomIndustry Source
Daisy witnesses the murder, and writes down the killer's name and leaves itIndustry Source
Roxy investigates the crime scene, and realizes Daisy left the soul behindIndustry Source
There is a false-reap alarm at Happy Time, Delores' safety drillIndustry Source
Crystal may know more about George than she lets onIndustry Source

Death Defying (2.10)

George has to reap a thrill-seeker called Kid IcarusIndustry Source
George is really upset that he threw his life awayIndustry Source
Daisy reaps a man in a bar, who dies in a very strange wayIndustry Source
Joy decides it's time to start dating againIndustry Source

Ashes To Ashes (2.11)

Reggie is befriended by a goth girl, RavenIndustry Source
Reggie decides to try going Goth, but doesn't get the reaction from Joy she wantedIndustry Source
George is faced with a problem after reaping a homeless manIndustry Source
She is expected to pay for the funeral expensesIndustry Source
Daisy, somehow finds herself on a Reality TV showIndustry Source

Forget Me Not (2.12)

We meet a new reaper: MayaIndustry Source
Maya works at the hospital where George has an assignmentIndustry Source
Rube goes along, as he knows Maya wellIndustry Source
Rube is still tryng to find someone from his pastIndustry Source
George has problems with her reapee, who can't remember she diedIndustry Source
Daisy is dating Ray, the director of the reality show from last episodeIndustry Source
Mason is jealous, so he and Ray spar for Daisy's affectionIndustry Source
Mason doesn't win the fight, but may win Daisy anywayIndustry Source
George also has to go to Reggie's school to reap at a Spelling BeeIndustry Source
Reggie is dating Francis, the boy who had the Komodo Dragon earlierIndustry Source

Last Call (2.13)

George has to reap a young woman at a Military Cadet schoolIndustry Source
Daisy and Mason deal with the fallout of what happened between themIndustry Source

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