For one reason or another, there were very few false spoilers during Season Seven. I feel this is partially due to the increased access to scripts and other media sources. Although it was a slow season for false spoilers, the opposite seemed to be true for confirmed spoilers

Season Seven Spoilers


Faith will appear in the final five episodesInterview Confirmed
Angel will appear in one of the final episodesInterview Confirmed
There will be some surprising deathsInterview Confirmed
The Big Bad Is The 'First Evil'Wanda Confirmed
The ShapeShifter is 'The First'The OracleConfirmed
Spike is still chippedWriter Comments Confirmed
Giles might return for a whileFraz (FF) Confirmed
Mark Metcalf will return in Season SevenAICN Confirmed
Buffy finds a new jobArticleConfirmed
Spike will remain a vampireSci Fi WireConfirmed
The Magic Box set has been dismantledArticleConfirmed
Glory, Warren, and Adam will appear this seasonInterview Confirmed
Series casting Slayers-in-TrainingIndustry SourceConfirmed
Halfrek will appear in at least two episodesSpoiler Zone Confirmed

Lessons (7.1)

Buffy has dreams/visions of young girls in trouble.The OracleConfirmed
Xander's company rebuilt the High SchoolArticleConfirmed
Episode Title: LessonsIndustry SourceConfirmed
Willow and Giles begin the season in EnglandSci Fi WireConfirmed
Sunnydale High is renovated and opened again.Interview Confirmed
Dawn will now attend Sunnydale HighArticleConfirmed
Spike struggles with his new-found soulThe OracleConfirmed
Buffy teaches Dawn about fighting evilThe OracleConfirmed
Written by Joss WhedonThe OracleConfirmed
The Scooby Gang helps Dawn out of a tricky situationThe OracleConfirmed
We might get a glimpse of the new 'Big Bad'The OracleConfirmed
Dawn's in trouble (must be Tuesday)The OracleConfirmed
New characters will be introducedIndustry SourceConfirmed
Principal: Robin WoodIndustry SourceConfirmed
Dawn's Friend: Kit (F)Industry SourceConfirmed
Dawn's Friend: Carlos (M)Industry SourceConfirmed
Principal convinces Buffy to work with/at the schoolIndustry SourceConfirmed
Dawn & Co. start seeing dead people at schoolIndustry SourceConfirmed
Spike has returned to SunnydaleIndustry SourceConfirmed
In England, Willow senses trouble brewing in SunnydaleThe OracleConfirmed
Spike has moved out of the crypt, and into SHS's basementThe OracleConfirmed
Spike's hair could indicate his new souled statusThe OracleConfirmed
Season Premiere: September 24thIndustry SourceConfirmed
Spike sees what could be a shapeshifer, but maybe notSpoiler Zone Confirmed

Beneath You (7.2)

Written by Doug PetrieBoards Confirmed
The 'Cool' Xander of the past has made a comebackThe OracleConfirmed
The title refers to the 'Monster of the Week'The OracleConfirmed
Spike struggles with his soul, chip, and feelings for Buffy.The OracleConfirmed
Willow leaves EnglandThe OracleConfirmed
Anya and Buffy find out about Spike's soulThe OracleConfirmed
Spike lends a hand in the battle with the MotWIndustry SourceConfirmed
Anya is back in the wish businessIndustry SourceConfirmed
New characters: Nancy and RonnieIndustry SourceConfirmed
Dawn threatens SpikeSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Anya senses Spike's soulSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Nancy develops an interest in XanderBoards Confirmed
Ronnie is the MoTW - a worm creatureBoards Confirmed
Spike hits Anya, to keep Buffy from finding out about his soul.The OracleConfirmed
Xander talks Anya into removing Ronnie's curseThe OracleConfirmed
It's Buffy's first day at her new jobThe OracleConfirmed
Spike burns himself by hugging a crossSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy has a brief flashback to the bathroom sceneSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Spike tells Buffy he that chose to get a soulSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Spike repeats something Buffy heard in her dreamSpoiler Zone Confirmed

Same Time, Same Place (7.3)

Willow returns to SunnydaleWanda Confirmed
Episode Title: Same Time, Same PlaceIndustry SourceConfirmed
Dawn is paralyzed by a demonIndustry SourceConfirmed
Willow is captured and tortured by a demonIndustry SourceConfirmed
Written by Jane EspensonIndustry SourceConfirmed
Willow is back, but not everyone can see herIndustry Source Confirmed
Anya tries to help WillowIndustry Source Confirmed
Anya is having problems with her bossIndustry Source Confirmed
Buffy shares a moment (and some strength) with WillowIndustry Source Confirmed
Anya's teleporting is restricted, penalty for a wish reversalThe OracleConfirmed
Buffy, Xander, and Dawn go to Spike for helpSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy couldn't deal with Spike's revelation, and left the churchSpoiler Zone Confirmed

Help (7.4)

Buffy settles into her new jobIndustry Source Confirmed
A student thinks she has a week to liveIndustry Source Confirmed
The student (Cassie) might be psychicIndustry Source Confirmed
Xander and Willow visit Tara's graveIndustry Source Confirmed
Some students might be playing with dark forcesIndustry Source Confirmed
Episode Title: HelpSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Written by Rebecca Rand KirshnerSpoiler Zone Confirmed
The student cult is after Cassie.The OracleConfirmed
Cassie, though saved by the gang, still diesDr LloydConfirmed

Selfless (7.5)

Episode Title: SelflessThe OracleConfirmed
Anya sings in a flashback to OMWFConvention Confirmed
Anya confronts her past, present, and futureSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Hallie and D'Hoffryn appear in this episodeSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy gives Spike some adviceSpoiler Zone Confirmed
We learn more about Anya's originsThe OracleConfirmed
Anya wants to undo a particulary bad wishThe OracleConfirmed
The cost of undoing a wish is the life of a vengeance demonThe OracleConfirmed
Buffy and Anya engage in some non-verbal sparringThe OracleConfirmed
Olaf may appear in one of the flashbacksThe OracleConfirmed
We learn the reason for Anya's bunny-phobiaThe OracleConfirmed
Willow uses D'Hoffryn's Talisman to summon himThe OracleConfirmed
Anya does not die in this episodeThe OracleConfirmed
Written by Drew GoddardWriter Comments Confirmed
Halfrek dies in this episodeBoards Confirmed

Him (7.6)

Dawn falls for the star quarterbackIndustry SourceConfirmed
All the women fall for the star quarterbackIndustry SourceConfirmed
A magic jacket is the key to the QB's charmsIndustry SourceConfirmed
Xander and Spike save the dayIndustry SourceConfirmed
Episode Title: HimIndustry SourceConfirmed
Spike moves into Xander's ApartmentIndustry SourceConfirmed
Written by Drew Z. GreenbergIndustry SourceConfirmed
Willow tries to turn the QB into a SheIndustry SourceConfirmed

Conversations With Dead People (7.7)

Jonathan and Andrew may returnInterview Confirmed
Episode Title: Conversations With Dead PeopleBoards Confirmed
Dawn receives an unexpected visit from JoyceIndustry SourceConfirmed
Willow is visited by what she thinks is Tara's spiritIndustry SourceConfirmed
The spirits may not be what they seem to beIndustry SourceConfirmed
Kristine Sutherland Guest StarsIndustry SourceConfirmed
One of the remaining 'Troika' diesThe OracleConfirmed
Written by Jane Espenson and Drew GoddardECH (FF)Confirmed
Andrew kills JonathanLocation ShootConfirmed
Spike is working for the ShapeshifterBoards Confirmed

Sleeper (7.8)

Episode Title: SleeperArticleConfirmed
Buffy thinks Spike has returned to his old habitsIndustry SourceConfirmed
A serial killer is on the looseECH (FF)Confirmed
Spike may be siring vamps to attack BuffyThe OracleConfirmed
The Shapeshifter pretends to be BuffyThe OracleConfirmed
Spike may be killing as wellLocation ShootConfirmed
Spike is being manipulated by 'The First'The OracleConfirmed
Buffy 'tries' to help SpikeThe OracleConfirmed
Giles makes a discovery that could affect everyoneThe OracleConfirmed
Written by David Fury and Jane EspensonECH (FF)Confirmed

Never Leave Me (7.9)

Andrew takes to wearing a leather dusterLocation ShootConfirmed
Written by Drew GoddardECH (FF)Confirmed
The Scoobs interrogate Andrew and SpikeECH (FF)Confirmed
The Scoobs have a showdown with 'The First'ECH (FF)Confirmed
Buffy tries to contact Giles in EnglandECH (FF)Confirmed
Quentin Travers appears in this episodeECH (FF)Confirmed
Episode Title: Never Leave MeECH (FF)Confirmed

Bring On The Night (7.10)

Two possible SIT names: Molly and KennedyIndustry SourceConfirmed
Written by Marti Noxon and Doug PetrieInterview Confirmed
Episode Title: Bring On The NightIndustry SourceConfirmed
Three Slayers-In-Training arrive in SunnydaleIndustry SourceConfirmed
The older SIT, Kennedy, is interested in WillowIndustry SourceConfirmed
Giles returns in this episodeIndustry SourceConfirmed
Holiday decorations were up on the setLocation ShootConfirmed
The Scoobs keep a close eye on AndrewIndustry SourceConfirmed
One SIT doesn't last the episodeIndustry SourceConfirmed
Spike is Missing In ActionIndustry SourceConfirmed
Buffy reburies the seal in the basementSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy is nearly killed by the UbervampSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Spike is tormented by 'The First'Spoiler Zone Confirmed
Juliet Landau is in this episodeSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Joyce appears to Buffy in a dreamMedia SummaryConfirmed
Juliet Landau filmed for this episodeConvention Confirmed
Buffy and Giles go to the tree lot from 'Amends'Spoiler Zone Confirmed

Showtime (7.11)

Episode Title: ShowtimeWriter Comments Confirmed
Written by David FuryWriter Comments Confirmed
More Slayers-In-Training arrive in SunnydaleIndustry SourceConfirmed
Not everyone is who they appear to beIndustry SourceConfirmed
There's some confusion over Slayer lineageIndustry SourceConfirmed
The gang faces the UberVampLocation ShootConfirmed
Something is pretending to be a SITIndustry SourceConfirmed
Buffy can't save all the SIT'sIndustry SourceConfirmed
Two more possible SIT names: Rona and ViIndustry SourceConfirmed
Giles and Anya discover why 'The First' is backSpoiler Zone Confirmed
The Slayer line has a vulnerabilitySpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy rescues Spike at the end of the episodeSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy and Xander try to locate another SITLaurieConfirmed
Willow uses magic to hold off the attackLaurieConfirmed
Bringers and the Ubervamp attack the houseLocation ShootConfirmed
Two more possible SIT names: Chloe and EveIndustry SourceConfirmed

Potential (7.12)

Episode Title: PotentialIndustry SourceConfirmed
Buffy, Spike, and the SIT's visit a barIndustry SourceConfirmed
Dawn thinks she may be a Slayer candidateIndustry SourceConfirmed
Spike is helping Buffy train the SIT'sSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Willow's spellcasting indicates Dawn is a SITSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Clem appears in this episodeSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Xander and Dawn talk about 'superpowers'Spoiler Zone Confirmed
Written by Rebecca Rand KirshnerSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy and Spike take on some BringersLaurieConfirmed
Giles has gone to Shanghai to locate a SITLaurieConfirmed
Dawn isn't really a SITIndustry SourceConfirmed
Amanda, a student from 'Help' returnsSpoiler Zone Confirmed

The Killer In Me (7.13)

The Scoobs think 'The First' is impersonating GilesIndustry SourceConfirmed
Written By Drew GreenbergSuccubus ClubConfirmed
Episode Title: The Killer In MeLaurieConfirmed
Amy returns and is up to no goodAphroditeConfirmed
Spike's chip is malfunctioningAphroditeConfirmed
Buffy tries to contact Riley for helpAphroditeConfirmed
Spike and Buffy go to the Initiative HQAphroditeConfirmed
Buffy makes a decision about Spike's chipAphroditeConfirmed
Willow's guilt over Warren manifests itselfAphroditeConfirmed
Kennedy makes a move on WillowSpoiler Zone Confirmed
A spell causes Willow to turn into WarrenSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Giles take the SIT's on a retreatSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Giles is not a manifestation of The FirstIndustry SourceConfirmed

First Date (7.14)

Written By Jane EspensonSuccubus ClubConfirmed
A new SIT, Chao-Ahn arrivesIndustry SourceConfirmed
Buffy has doubts about Principal WoodIndustry SourceConfirmed
Willow and Kennedy seem to be a coupleIndustry SourceConfirmed
Episode Title: First DateBoards Confirmed
Buffy and Principal Wood go outBoards Confirmed
Xander goes out on a dateBoards Confirmed
Xander's date uses him to try and raise an UbervampBoards Confirmed
Wood has ties to another characterBoards Confirmed
'The First' pays a visit to AndrewSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Anya is a bit jealousSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Spike wants to leave, Buffy asks him to staySpoiler Zone Confirmed
Spike's chip has been removed, on Buffy's requestSpoiler Zone Confirmed
As usual, Xander's date has ulterior motivesBoards Confirmed
Wood's mother was a Slayer, NikkiBoards Confirmed
Spike killed Wood's motherBoards Confirmed
Xander's Date, Lissa, is played by AshantiFraz (FF) Confirmed

Get It Done (7.15)

Buffy 'Time-Travels' to meet the First SlayerFraz (FF) Confirmed
Episode Title: Get It DoneFraz (FF) Confirmed
Buffy has nightmares about the First SlayerAphroditeConfirmed
Spike and Anya go out drinkingAphroditeConfirmed
D'Hoffryn is still after AnyaAphroditeConfirmed
Wood visits the Summer's house and runs into SpikeAphroditeConfirmed
Wood is very curious about SpikeAphroditeConfirmed
Wood gives Buffy a bag of his mother's thingsAphroditeConfirmed
Nikki's items open a time portalAphroditeConfirmed
Buffy is very irritated with everyoneAphroditeConfirmed
Buffy meets those who created the SlayerAphroditeConfirmed
The shamans try to imbue Buffy with power, she refusesAphroditeConfirmed
One of the SIT's, Chloe, commits suicideIndustry SourceConfirmed
Written by Doug PetrieIndustry SourceConfirmed

Storyteller (7.16)

Andrew documents a 'Day In The Life' of BuffyECH (FF)Confirmed
Andrew is forced to face his pastECH (FF)Confirmed
Xander and Anya have sexBubonic (FF)Confirmed
The gang needs to close the sealBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Andrew is the key to closing the sealBubonic (FF)Confirmed
The seal is affecting the studentsBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Wood attempts to stake Spike, but failsBubonic (FF)Confirmed

Lies My Parents Told Me (7.17)

Flashbacks to Wood and Spike's pastFilmJerk.comConfirmed
Wood tries to hunt down SpikeFilmJerk.comConfirmed
Wood recalls his mother's past with SpikeFilmJerk.comConfirmed
Spike recalls his mother, AnneFilmJerk.comConfirmed
Spike turns his mother, with unexpected resultsFilmJerk.comConfirmed
Spike is forced to kill his motherFilmJerk.comConfirmed
Written by Fury and GoddardWriter Comments Confirmed
Giles attempts to detrigger SpikeLaurieConfirmed
Giles assists Wood in his quest to kill SpikeLaurieConfirmed
Buffy realizes that Giles has set Spike upLaurieConfirmed
Willow leaves for Los AngelesBubonic (FF)Confirmed

Dirty Girls (7.18)

New Character: CalebFilmJerk.comConfirmed
Caleb is a fallen preacherFilmJerk.comConfirmed
Willow and Faith arrive in SunnydaleIndustry SourceConfirmed
Caleb severely injures a SITIndustry SourceConfirmed
The SIT relays a cryptic message to BuffyIndustry SourceConfirmed
Xander's place is now housing SIT's as wellIndustry SourceConfirmed
Caleb has issues with women, not just SIT'sBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Caleb destroyed the Watchers HQLaurieConfirmed
Caleb is working with The FirstBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Written by Drew GoddardWriter Comments Confirmed
Andrew brings the SIT's up to speed on FaithLaurieConfirmed
Principal Wood fires BuffyLaurieConfirmed
Spike and Faith do some bondingBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Buffy wants to go after Caleb immediatelyLaurieConfirmed
Giles and the others think she should waitLaurieConfirmed
Caleb is more than a match for the ScoobiesLaurieConfirmed
Caleb kills Molly and breaks Rona's armBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Xander is seriously injured by CalebLaurieConfirmed
Caleb played by Nathan Fillion (Firefly)Industry SourceConfirmed

Empty Places (7.19)

Clem leaves townAphroditeConfirmed
Buffy is taking the latest defeat hardAphroditeConfirmed
Caleb tracks down Buffy at the schoolAphroditeConfirmed
Caleb kicks Buffy's butt, againAphroditeConfirmed
Xander did lose an eye in the last battleAphroditeConfirmed
The Scoobs research Caleb and his ringAphroditeConfirmed
The First and Caleb are guarding a vineyardAphroditeConfirmed
A local Mission has another sealAphroditeConfirmed
Spike and Andrew investigate the missionAphroditeConfirmed
Faith takes the SIT's to the BronzeAphroditeConfirmed
Faith and the SIT's have a run-in with the copsAphroditeConfirmed
Buffy feels they need to investigate the vineyardAphroditeConfirmed
The gang abandons Buffy and sides with FaithAphroditeConfirmed
The Scoobies want Faith to be their leaderAphroditeConfirmed
Buffy is asked to leave, and doesAphroditeConfirmed

Touched (7.20)

Episode Title: TouchedAICN Confirmed
Written By Rebecca Rand KirshnerAICN Confirmed
Faith takes command of the ScoobsBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Kennedy seems to want to have some control as wellBubonic (FF)Confirmed
The Scoobs come up with a plan to capture a BringerBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Buffy kicks someone out of their homeBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Spike is furious that the Scoobs kicked out BuffyBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Spike and Faith go at itBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Spike goes off to find BuffyBubonic (FF)Confirmed
The Scoobs learn from a Bringer about their plansBubonic (FF)Confirmed
The First visits Faith as the MayorBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Faith and Wood have sexBubonic (FF)Confirmed
So do Willow\Kennedy and Xander\AnyaBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Buffy leaves Spike to find a mystical weaponBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Faith and the SITs follow the info from the BringerBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Buffy encounters Caleb and finds the ScytheBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Faith encounters Bringers and finds a bombBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Spike finds Buffy and spends the nightBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Buffy and Spike do not have sexBubonic (FF)Confirmed

End Of Days (7.21)

Written by Doug Petrie.Writer Comments Confirmed
Faith and the Potentials are lured into a trapSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy has recovered a weapon of great powerSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Ubervamps are back in the pictureSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy asks Xander to get Dawn out of townSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Dawn doesn't go along with Buffy's planSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy meets a mysterious womanSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Caleb kills the woman and attacks BuffySpoiler Zone Confirmed
Angel arrives in SunnydaleSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy and Angel kissSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Spike witnesses Buffy and Angel's reunionSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy seems to succeed in killing CalebBubonic (FF)Confirmed

Chosen (7.22)

Written by Joss WhedonWriter Comments Confirmed
Spike sacrifices himself to save the worldSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy tells Spike that she loves himSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Angel brings Buffy a mystical amuletSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Spike uses the amulet to apparently seal the HellmouthSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy sends Angel back to LASpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy wonders if she can have a future with AngelSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Buffy kills Caleb for goodSpoiler Zone Confirmed
The final battle takes place near the sealSpoiler Zone Confirmed
Anya and Amanda die in the finaleLocation ShootConfirmed
Willow's hair turns white (might not be permanent)Dr LloydConfirmed
The Hellmouth is closed for goodBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Sunnydale is destroyed in the processBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Willow activates all the SIT'sBubonic (FF)Confirmed
Buffy decides to open the HellmouthBubonic (FF)Confirmed
The First is apparently defeatedBubonic (FF)Confirmed

False Spoilers for Season Seven


Amber Benson will return to the show (but maybe not as Tara)Interview Confirmed False
Xander tries to woo back AnyaArticleConfirmed False
Britney Spears will appear in a recurring roleMisc. SourceConfirmed False
Luke Perry will return as PikeDark HorizonsConfirmed False
Tim Curry will play Uther, The First VampireMisc. SourceConfirmed False

Same Time, Same Place (7.3)

Episode Title: PainBoards Confirmed False
Dawn and the others have a hard time forgiving WillowBoards Confirmed False
Spike is still injured from the cross incidentIndustry Source Confirmed False

Conversations With Dead People (7.7)

Buffy and Spike rekindle their relationshipBoards Confirmed False
Buffy decides it would be better off unkindledBoards Confirmed False
A demon is causing troubled teens to take their livesBoards Confirmed False
The demon is killed by an unConfirmed person, leading to a revelationBoards Confirmed False
Faith is in this episodeTV TomeConfirmed False

Sleeper (7.8)

Faith is in this episodeTV TomeConfirmed False

Lies My Parents Told Me (7.17)

Giles reveals that he killed BenLaurieConfirmed False

End Of Days (7.21)

Written by Marti NoxonInterview Confirmed False

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