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WONDERFALLS is a funny, provocative and magical one-hour dramedy about Jaye Tyler, set against the backdrop of Niagara Falls.  Jaye is an underachieving twenty-something souvenir shop worker whose life is forever changed after she has what her family calls "an episode."  That's when inanimate objects - toys, cartoon images, anything in the form of an animal - begin talking to her, providing her with cryptic messages that invariably lead her into the lives of others in need.  Jaye meddles in, muddles up, and ultimately betters the lives of herself, her eccentric family of overachievers, and the eclectic variety of strangers that cross her path.  Jaye discovers that the world around her really is a magical place...even if she fears that listening to inanimate objects means she is slowly losing her grip on sanity.

Wonderfalls - Friday nights on Fox. (Summary From Official Fox Site)

Wonderfalls: Season One Spoilers


Complete Pilot SummaryVarious Sources

Karma Chameleon (1.2)

Jaye meets a strange girl, BiancaPersephoneMoon
Bianca seems to be stalking JayePersephoneMoon
Bianca gets a job at the souvenir shopPersephoneMoon
Bianca tried her best to imitate Jaye, she wants to be herPersephoneMoon
When Jaye confronts Bianca, turns out she's a writerPersephoneMoon
Bianca is doing a story on Gen-Y Losers, like JayePersephoneMoon
Bianca has decided Jaye's life is better than her ownPersephoneMoon
Since Bianca won't finish her article, Jaye does and submits it to Bianca's bossPersephoneMoon
The article is so good, Bianca is forced to go back homePersephoneMoon

Wound Up Penguin (1.3)

A young nun, Katrina, has left her churchIndustry Source
Jaye runs into her, and convinces her to perform an exorcismIndustry Source
A priest, Father Scofield, wants Katrina back into the foldIndustry Source
Father Scofield thinks that Jaye's to blame for thisIndustry Source
Katrina left because she lost her faithIndustry Source
Katrina feels that God never spoke to herIndustry Source
Katrina likes being out, and starts to hang with Jaye's motherIndustry Source
Katrina even takes a liking to Jaye's brotherIndustry Source
Trouble brews when the Father tells Katrina that Jaye has a secretIndustry Source
He says that Jaye made a bet she could restore her faithIndustry Source

Pink Flamingos (1.4)

The Plastic Flamingos at Jaye's house tell her to help her dadMedia Summary
Things go badly, and he ends up in the hospitalMedia Summary
This turns out to be for the bestMedia Summary
Meanwhile, Jaye needs to help an old nemesis plan a reunionMedia Summary

Crime Dog (1.5)

Jaye discovers that her old nanny, Yvette, has a secretSurrender To Destiny
Yvette ran away from home when she was 16Surrender To Destiny
She's from Canada, but has been passing as an AmericanSurrender To Destiny
Jaye needs to sneak her back over the borderSurrender To Destiny
They run into a bit of a problem with a border officerSurrender To Destiny

Muffin Buffalo (1.6)

For the past few months, Jaye has been spying on her neighborPersephoneMoon
His nickname is 'Fat Pat', for obvious reasonsPersephoneMoon
He's very elusive, and is a semi-legend in the trailer parkPersephoneMoon
Another resident, Mrs. Beadle, runs a muffin businessPersephoneMoon
Jaye's been getting Mrs. Beadle's disability checksPersephoneMoon
Jaye is told, by the buffalo on Beadle's apron, not to give them backPersephoneMoon
Jaye tries to befriend Pat, who has discovered her spyingPersephoneMoon
He thinks she wants to be more than friendsPersephoneMoon
After Jaye rejects his advances, he goes on an eating bingePersephoneMoon
Unfortunately, it's Mrs. Beadle's muffins, which are made with OleoPersephoneMoon
Pat ends up in the hospital, but loses a ton of weightPersephoneMoon
Jaye is allowed to return Mrs. Beadles checksPersephoneMoon
Mrs. Beadle expands her operation, and hires Pat as a spokesmanPersephoneMoon

Lovesick Ass (1.7)

Jaye has to help a mail-order bride, KatyaIndustry Source
Katya arrives, but her husband-to-be can't be foundIndustry Source
She discovers that her husband, Peter, is only a teenagerIndustry Source
Jaye and Eric convince Peter to give up on KatyaIndustry Source
Katya falls for Eric, and Peter for JayeIndustry Source
Peter tries to make sure Eric stays away from JayeIndustry Source
Meanwhile, Jaye tracks down Peter's fatherIndustry Source
Katya fell for Peter because of his poetryIndustry Source
It turns out that Peter's father wrote the poems for his deceased wifeIndustry Source
Katya and Peter's father fall in loveIndustry Source
Jaye finally admits her feelings for EricIndustry Source

Safety Canary (1.8)

Eric's wife, Heidi, returns in this episodeIndustry Source
It seems that she wants Eric backIndustry Source
Jaye and Heidi seem to get along with each otherIndustry Source
Meanwhile, Jaye is really trying to help PenelopeIndustry Source
Penelope is a local zookeeper, who Jaye runs into on a trip to the zooIndustry Source
A canary-shaped sign tells her to 'Save The Lovebirds'Industry Source
The lovebirds escape from the zoo, and Jaye gets Penelope firedIndustry Source
Later, Penelope and Sharon are out looking for the LovebirdsIndustry Source
Penelope is a bit obsessed, treating 'her' birds like real peopleIndustry Source
Heidi will be played by Jewel StaiteAICN
Heidi will be a recurring roleSurrender To Destiny

Lying Pig (1.9)

Jaye's mother, Karen, meets a handsome young doctorIndustry Source
The Doctor, Frank, is a fan of her booksIndustry Source
Frank asks her out to dinnerIndustry Source
Karen declines at first, but changes her mind on her husband's adviceSurrender To Destiny
Darrin, Jaye's father, changes his mind when he meets FrankSurrender To Destiny

Cocktail Bunny (1.10)

Karen gets trapped in an elevator with AngieIndustry Source
Angie is also known as 'That Olson Twin'Industry Source
Angie is a patient of Dr. Ron's, who stabbed herself and blamed himIndustry Source
Angie wants attention, and may glom onto KarenIndustry Source

Totem Mole (1.11)

Jaye meets a local indian shaman, who passes on some info about Jaye's giftSurrender To Destiny
The shaman himself, then passes onSurrender To Destiny
The tribe needs it's shaman, but the heir is not what you expectSurrender To Destiny
The heir, Bill Hooten, is living in the corporate worldSurrender To Destiny
By helping Bill return to the tribe, Jaye hopes he can help herSurrender To Destiny
Meanwhile, Sharon has a run-in with the tribeIndustry Source
They are restricting sales of cigarettes, so Sharon takes them to tribal courtIndustry Source
The tribe is represented by Diana LittlefootIndustry Source
Sharon and Diana were rivals back in schoolIndustry Source
Mahandra gets in on the courtroom battleIndustry Source
Meanwhile, Bill has to past three tests to become the shamanIndustry Source
The trials do not go as expected, Bill is not the true shamanIndustry Source
Diana finds herself in a sticky situation at the local health clubIndustry Source
Sharon saves Diana, and through the process, Diana discovers her destinyIndustry Source

Barrel Bear (1.12)

The first woman over the Falls, Maude, returns to townSurrender To Destiny
Jaye is told to help her 'give it back'Surrender To Destiny
Jaye thinks she has to help MaudeSurrender To Destiny
She needs to help Vivian, who really did the deedSurrender To Destiny
They switched Maude with Vivian, because she was more attractiveSurrender To Destiny
Vivian shows up to confront MaudeSurrender To Destiny

Caged Bird (1.13)

A man named Rob takes the staff of Wonderfalls hostageIndustry Source
He just tried robbing a local bank, but Sharon ruined his planIndustry Source
Jaye's father arrives, to try and help outIndustry Source
Alec, the manager, gets shot in the buttIndustry Source
Rob tries to escape in Jaye's car, with Jaye as a hostageSurrender To Destiny

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