Dead Like Me

Season One Spoilers

Georgia (George) was a young woman, who seemed to have no sense of direction in her life. Which itself came to an abrupt end, thanks to a wayward toilet seat from the MIR space station. Unfortunately, the afterlife is not what George expected, as she discovers that she is now a 'Reaper'. Reapers are undead, destined to walk the earth until they help enough souls move on to their own afterlife.

Yet even for a Reaper, there is no peace in death. Along with her 'Reaper-Duties', George still has to deal with not only everyday life, but the past she's left behind as well.

Dead Like Me - Friday Nights on Showtime.

Dead Like Me: Season One Spoilers

Reaping Havoc

Betty, Rebecca Gayheart's character, leavesMisc. Source

My Room

Daisy, Laura Harris's character, is Betty's replacementMisc. Source
Daisy moves in with GeorgeMisc. Source

Reaper Madness

George mentors a new hire at Happy TimeMedia Summary
George meets a young man who can see GravelingsMedia Summary
She's supposed to reap himMedia Summary
She ends up falling for himMedia Summary
He's also a bit crazyMedia Summary

A Cook

Rube takes a job at Der Waffle HouseMedia Summary

Sunday Mornings

George meets a young college girl, CharlotteIndustry Source
George and Charlotte become friendsIndustry Source
Charlotte is in love with George's fatherIndustry Source

Business Unfinished

A newly-reaped mother needs to talk to her sonIndustry Source
The Reapers rig a seanceIndustry Source

The Bicycle Thief

After finding a job, George leaves Happy TimeIndustry Source
The new job doesn't lastIndustry Source
One of Daisy's souls won't "move on"Industry Source
Delores throws a goodbye party for GeorgeIndustry Source
JD the dog runs awayIndustry Source
Mason reaps an older, gay, coupleIndustry Source


George's milkman gets reapedIndustry Source
The reapers have to spend all night doing evaluationsIndustry Source
George discovers Rube has an appt at her homeIndustry Source
George trails Rube to her houseIndustry Source


The Gravelings take the day offIndustry Source
With the gravelings away, the Reapers deal with paperworkIndustry Source
George's family takes a little break as wellIndustry Source

Rest In Peace

George tries to get her old job backIndustry Source
George helps Delores with a pet emergencyIndustry Source
At the vet, George meets a young reaperIndustry Source
Rube reaps his yoga teacherIndustry Source
Daisy helps Mason get a, er, 'date'Industry Source
Jewel Staite will have a guest roleMisc. Source
The season closes at George's gravesiteIndustry Source

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